So what’s the first step?

Please send me an email (or go to Contact Us page) containing:
  • Your name and address and best phone # to contact you during the day
  • Your pet’s name and breed
  • The kind of service desired: vacation-, dog walking /sitting- residence-service
  • Preferences such as dates / hours desired

And then?

I will call you back within the next 8 business hours and will schedule an interview
with you.

Please be advised that we cannot accept animals that previously attacked human
beings or animals without being provoked or animals with contagious diseases.

Is the interview really necessary?

Yes, it is! It’s very important that your animal I get acquainted in your house where it
feels comfortable to get to know a new "friend of the family." You can meet me and
feel assured that you can entrust me with the care of your beloved pet. Also you can
introduce your pet's daily routine to me and, for shy pets, you can show me their
favorite hiding places.  I will go over any medical special needs, its further likes or
dislikes, address contractual questions and also learn where you store its food or
what the favorite toys are.  Another purpose of this visit is to outline my services and
allow you to select which services you would like.

The interview will take 30-45 minutes, and I will charge $10 for it. If you decide to hire
me, the fee will be applied as a credit to your first invoice.  I can only guarantee
reservations once the interview has taken place.

Before holidays and vacations / family travel seasons it’s best to call me
and make reservations early, preferably 6-8 weeks in advance, since
these times tend to book quickly!

Once we have decided on services, I will ask you for two sets of keys to your house
and explain my safety policy in regards to storage of your keys (Ready-Key code #)
and further privacy issues.

Will I get anything in writing?

Yes, of course! You will get a copy of our contract for your files, my business card and
cellular phone number for emergencies.

I’m not sure yet: is it safe to let somebody in my house?

Yes, when you hire Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service, it is: I am bonded and
insured by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas - a Specialty Insurance Carrier for
professional pet sitting companies.

As a matter of fact,
I provide additional safety for your home by:

  • Checking all internal and external doors and windows
  • Monitoring the condition of the home
  • Changing the lighting arrangement
  • Pulling window shades up or down
  • Bringing in the newspaper
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Providing Residence Emergency Service (fire, water, burglary)

Is the service affordable?

In fact it is very much affordable: my rates start at

  • $12 for a 30 minute visit for a cat
  • $15 for a dog for the midday bathroom break and walk.

My rates vary depending on what kind of service you desire for your pet and the
number of pets and visits per day.

The typical amount of time I spend with your animal is 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
Active and energetic breeds - or if you’d like to reduce your pet’s body weight in
a natural way - accompany me on extended walks through places such as Jester
Park for up to 3 hours.

How much time do cats and dogs require each day?

Animals require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do. If proper
attention is provided on a daily basis, it will energize their body, mind and spirit. Many
animal behavioral problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient
exercise. Our program is a great service for your dog when you can't be around to
exercise and play.

Dogs generally require 2-3 visits and cats 1-2 visits a day.

Please keep in mind what the famous TV Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan says about
dogs' need to be out in the nature:

“…the genes of a canine [dog] are crying out for it to go out and wander with its pack,
explore new territory, roam around, and search for food and water.”  

A dog should be walked three times a day.

Do I have to have an animal to be eligible for your service?

No, you don’t have to be a pet-owner. Lots of customers can benefit from Residence
Service while they are on a journey and don’t want to bother family members with

  • watering the flowers and house plants
  • bringing in the mail and newspaper,
  • checking windows and doors,
  • adjusting draperies and lights,
  • being able to quickly respond i.e., to a fire, burglary or sewer backup during
    their absence.  

What breeds of animals do you accept?

All breeds of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other small animals.

Are there any animals you do NOT accept?

I do not accept:
  • Red Zone dogs (vicious dogs with behavioral patterns that cannot be cured)
  • Animals with contagious diseases or parasites – regardless of breed.
Trustworthy Pet and Residence Service
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Ask for Patron’s, Senior Citizens and Tom & Jerry Rebates!.
A Holiday Surcharge and Last Minute Fees may apply.
Only 1 Rebate may be applied at any one time!
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So what’s the first step?
  • And then?
  • Is the interview really necessary?
  • Will I get anything in writing?
  • I’m not sure yet: is it safe to let somebody in my house?
  • Is the service affordable?
  • How much time do cats and dogs require each day?
  • Do I have to have an animal to be eligible for your service?
  • What breeds of animals do you accept?
  • Are there any animals you do NOT accept?
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