Dear Responsible Pet Owner:

When I founded Trustworthy Pet & Residence
Service, I was inspired by men such as the
famous TV dog-whisperer Cesar Millan and
my own veterinarian.

In his book “Cesar’s Way” Mr. Millan explains
that the key elements of a balanced, healthy
relationship with your dog are exercise, discipline
and affection. By giving your dog an opportunity
to reach its natural potential and by letting it be
what it is supposed to be, you offer the highest form of respect.

When you trust me with the care of your beloved animal, you’ll be
assured that I will treat it like I treat my own animals: Cesar’s way
– the natural way.  Every animal perceives loneliness, the need to
enjoy safety in its own territory and wants to be member of its
pack. Once you cannot provide this – when your work schedule or
a journey keep you away from it – I will be there. And with this
peace of mind, a bad conscience from leaving your pet behind will
belong to the past.

In the rare event of a medical emergency, be assured that your
beloved family member will be in good hands:

  • I am a certified, full-service professional pet sitter: 24/7, 365
    days a year;
  • I am certified in Animal First Aid;
  • If immediate veterinary help is necessary, I will contact one of
    our recommended specialists, or your personal veterinarian
  • We provide holistic pet care.

Be assured that I will treat your animals like my own: as unique
creatures with unique personalities and needs!

Thank you for your interest in Trustworthy Pet & Residence
Service and for being a responsible and caring animal owner!


Chris Wolf
Mr. Christoph (Chris) Wolf
Licensed and Bonded Pet Sitter
Canine Behavioral Specialist
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