Trustworthy Pet and Residence Service
Mr. Christoph (Chris) Wolf
Licensed and Bonded Pet Sitter
Canine Behavioral Specialist
Claims Service
Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service
PO Box 13234
Des Moines, IA  50310
  You can count on Trustworthy Pet and Residence
 Service to:

  • Be there for your pet when you cannot be - 24/7
  • Care for your residence and your pet as if they were our
    very own.
  • Provide you with specialized home care service that
    includes an immediate response, including claims
    service, in the event of an emergency.
 The benefits of working with Trustworthy Pet   
and Residence Service:

  • We work with most pets: We accept dogs, cats,
    other small animals (however: no venomous
    reptiles, vicious dogs or horses).

  • Availability: Office hours: Monday through Friday
    8 AM to 8 PM. Saturdays by appointment. Of
    course, we will service your pets also on Sundays
    and Holidays (holiday surcharge may apply).  

  • Exercise, discipline and affection will guarantee
    you a mentally and physically healthy animal to
    greet you once you’re back home.

  • Peace of mind: You won't have a bad conscience
    during extended business meetings, because of a
    busy schedule or while on trips where it’s
    impossible to take your pet along.

  • Reduced risk for your pet of exposure to illness
    or injury from other animals, e.g. in a kennel
    surrounding or public dog walking areas.

  • One on one individual service: I will take the
    notes gathered during the initial interview
    regarding your animal’s preferences along on my
    visits and will apply them each time.

  • Additional safety benefit for your home: no
    overflowing mailbox will give away that you’re
    not at home and we provide Emergency
    Residence Service in case of fire, water or
    burglary losses.

  • Confidentiality: Your name, address,
    work/vacation schedule and the content of your
    home remain absolutely confidential. No access
    will be provided to anybody not expressly
    authorized by you to enter.