What a Holistic Professional Pet Sitter can do for
                 your pets and home

Did You Know...
  • According to KCCI-TV, there were 2,630 burglaries in Des Moines and 277
    burglaries in West Des Moines in 2005 (please check KCCI or Des Moines PD for
    most recent data)?

  • Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service prevented the theft of one of our
    customers’ cars in broad daylight in March 2007?

  • Most gum tumors of dogs are benign, but if not detected early, they can become

  • Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service detected an early stage gum tumor in a
    Miniature Pinscher’s mouth, recommended one of our highly experienced partner
    veterinarians, and this care saved the pet?

  • Labrador retrievers once lived to be up to 24 years old prior to the introduction
    and daily use of today’s cheap commercial dry dog food?

  • In 2009, the average life expectancy of a lab is only 14 years?

  • Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service assists you with holistic pet care which
    can increase the life expectancy of your pet dramatically and save you lots
    of money on vet bills?

  • During the blizzard of February 2007, most trees suffered damage from the
    freezing rain and snow accumulation?

  • Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service saved several young birch trees
    from breakage under the heavy load of snow & ice by carefully removing it while the
    owners were away?

  • More than 30% of all homeowners’ insurance claims occur when the owners
    are away from home?

  • Trustworthy Pet & Residence Service will file these claims for you, contact
    restoration companies and protect your home from further damage while you’re

A pet sitter is someone who cares for your pets in your home, giving them individualized
care such as food or medicine, walks your dog and cleans your cat’s litter box. Your pet will
be taken care of by a professional, trained and certified person who is familiar with its
breed’s needs and provides the attention necessary to keep it mentally and physically
healthy. Here are some nice features with these services:  

HOLISTIC Care means that - in a natural and comprehensive way - we assist you with all
aspects of animal care:
  • Healthy food; pet food recall; pet products
  • Sufficient exercise appropriate to the breed
  • Species-appropriate treatment of seasonal (ticks, weather-related) and individual
    concerns (behavioral, weight loss)
  • Health advice
  • Behavioral issues

Advantages for your pet:
  • Reduced stress:  Your pet stays in its own familiar environment where all the sights,
    smells and sounds say home!

  • Health Concerns:  With a pet sitter, there is minimal exposure to illness, parasites or
    injuries caused by other animals like in a boarding facility or kennel environment.

  • Diet & Exercise:  We will follow your pet care routine as closely as possible, including
    feeding, watering, exercising and administering any medication your pet might
    require - with no interruption to upset your pet.  

  • No Travel Trauma:  Travel in a vehicle to a relative's home, a boarding facility or
    kennel may upset your pet.  Some pets get travel sick or even lost.

  • One-on-one Care:  Most importantly, your pet receives individualized love and
    personal attention, in its familiar environment.

  • I absolutely advise against taking your pet along in a plane: always busy
    airports might lead to your beloved pet all of a sudden ending up on the flight to
    Australia or due to medical or security restrictions in the airport veterinarian’s
    kennel. Most animals will have to be transported in the plane’s belly where food,
    water, constant air pressure and sufficient oxygen are not guaranteed! Its box might
    get tossed around and open leaving it wandering around in the underground while
    you have no idea what tragedy is happening! These are not horror scenarios, but
    real-life facts! Don’t take a risk: leave your pet at home in its most
    comfortable environment!

Advantages for you:
  • Enjoy your vacation without a bad conscience: Knowing beloved pets are secure,
    comfortable and happy lends a peace of mind that nothing else can give a pet
    owner who is absent from home.

  • Travel:  You won't be inconvenienced or upset by transporting your pet.  Particularly
    during the hot summer months, animals require special care!

  • In case of overtime at work: established customers with keys on file can simply call
    and someone will be there for your pet at the routine time.

  • No Imposition:  You don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative to care for
    your pet.  Be assured, you can rely on a pet care professional who will put your pet's
    needs first.   

  • Security:  Your home is made secure by the crime deterrent services provided.  We
    provide basic home care services while you are gone, and make sure nagging
    questions such as “Did I switch the coffee machine off?” belong to the past.

  • Emergency Residence Service: in case of a fire, water or burglary loss, we will
    contact the authorities, your insurance carrier, file the first claim and arrange
    restoration services or provide access to the claims adjuster. We will keep you or
    family members informed and up to date. You would not have to interrupt the
    most precious weeks of the year any more.

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